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We are currently accepting applications for well qualified drivers at all of our locations. Drivers must meet the following requirements:
  • Drivers must have 2 years of experience driving equipment of a similar type, configuration and GVW
  • Light, Medium and Private Passenger Drivers must be 21 years old
  • Heavy and Extra Heavy drivers of vehicles with a GVW greater than 26,000 pounds must be 23 years old
  • Drivers should not have any major violations or more than 1 at fault accident on MVR
  • Drivers may not have more than 1 minor violation within the past 12-month period. Drivers with 4 or more minor violations within a 36 month period may not be legible
  • Drivers with any combinations of accidents and minor violations exceeding 3 in the past 36 months may not be eligible
  • Drivers must pass a DOT drug test and physical

Equipment Operators

Oilfield operators must be 25 years old and possess adequate strength and conditioning to deal with the strenuous physical nature of the job. Workers must remain alert, ensuring that equipment operates correctly, reducing the risk of spills and other occupational hazards. Working with oilfield equipment requires manual dexterity and the ability to repair machinery with various tools. Good problem solving skills and the capacity to communicate clearly with peers promotes effective and efficient performance.
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